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Monday, May 13, 2013

Late-Term Abortion, Kirsten Powers, and the Gosnell Trial

I am sharing this a little late, but it is still worth reading (if you haven't already).  Kirsten Powers wrote an excellent piece on the Daily Beast recently.  Aside from her NRA references I think it's very good.  Kirsten Powers is a Democrat and liberal, but she has an excellent perspective on late-term abortion.  She has received much criticism from the left on her positions, and it's very encouraging to see someone like her taking a stand.  Powers has held this position for some time, and I believe she was actually the one to bring the story of the Kermit Gosnell trial into the mainstream media and hence give it much more attention (though it still hasn't received as much coverage as it deserves).  The big Atlantic article by Conor Friedersdorf (which I also encourage you to read- it includes large segments from the grand jury report which shows just how bad conditions were at the Gosnell facility) came after he read her column in USA Today.  The media silence on the Gosnell horrors was so bad that Snopes.com actually published a piece on the urban legend site confirming that it was in fact true.

The Gosnell trial is in its 8th week, and the jury is in its third week of deliberations, considering 4 counts of 1st degree murder for infant deaths (several have already been thrown out by the judge since the start of the trial), one of 3rd degree murder, and many lesser charges.  Two House committees have begun investigations into similar poorly regulated abortion facilities throughout the country, prompted by the PA Department of Health's failure to properly investigate reports they had received for some time about the Gosnell abortion mill.   

***Update: As of this afternoon, Gosnell has been found guilty of 3 out of the 4 1st degree murder charges, guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the death of a woman under anesthesia, and guilty of aborting 21 babies that were over the 24 week limit at which abortion is legal in Pennsylvania. 

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