"A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take away everything you have."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Vote for the Values Party!

After writing my previous post about how the vast majority of Democratic ads I have seen this election cycle have been about abortion, I came across this article from Politico affirming that my observations do indeed reflect a clear nationwide strategy by Democrats.  They have decided to "go all in for abortion rights."  Here is more from the (typically slanted) Politico article:
Democrats have gone all in for abortion rights, with none of the hedging or defensiveness they’ve shown in recent years — a subtle but striking repositioning with political consequences that extend far beyond Nov. 6.

The evidence of it is impossible to miss. The airwaves are choked with messaging about women’s reproductive health. Abortion rights advocates had prime speaking roles at the Democratic convention. Contraception advocate Sandra Fluke is a prominent campaign trail surrogate. Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood, recently introduced President Barack Obama at a Virginia campaign rally.

While Democrats have long supported a woman’s right to choose, this year’s full-throated embrace of abortion rights — from the president down to the most obscure House candidate — marks a historic departure that now places the party as firmly and unyieldingly in support of abortion rights as the GOP is in opposition.
There you go, America!  You wanted a plan and a vision for the future.  You got one.  And people blame Republicans for the culture wars....

Just in case there are a few people who hold to traditional values who might still be planning to vote for Obama despite his non-stop celebration of abortion, he made sure to stick his finger even deeper into the eye of Middle America with this YouTube ad, created directly by the Obama campaign:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the U.S. President is running an ad in which an actress compares voting for Obama for the first time with losing one's virginity.  I've never seen anything in American politics to rival this in sheer creepiness and disgustingness.  Does Obama think real women are like this?  Even more unthinkable, do his supporters really think like this?

The Democratic Party is a values party.  It's just that the values they hold are completely opposite of everything I believe in.  I would never associate myself with this party.  Ever.


Some Dude said...

Well said, Robin.

Karissa said...

I had heard about this ad but had not seen it. That was so incredibly denigrating and condescending to women. The line: "Also, super uncool to be out and about, and someone says, 'did you vote?' and you say, 'no, I wasn't ready.'" Are you kidding me? This is from our President?

I had a friend recently tell me she met a man who encouraged her to "vote with her vagina," because he said if Romney won the Republicans would ban all contraceptives. Her comment to me was that she prefers to vote with her brain and consider real issues. (My response to her was that if a man told me that, I'd want to punch him in the face. I feel like that is bordering on sexual harassment. )

It's unbelievable to me that this is such a big talking point for the Democrats. I feel like it's a strategy out of Animal Farm, where you hype people up so much about protecting one "freedom" so that you can take all of their others while they still believe you are protecting them. Libya? The economy? The unemployment rate? Forced healthcare? The invasive presence of the government in someone's life? Who cares? You're going to lose your right to one choice (and your nonexistent mammogram from Planned Parenthood) if you focus on these things!

Natedawg said...

Thanks for commenting, Karissa. Very well said! I completely agree. That Obama guy telling your female friend to vote with her vagina is so insulting.

The thing that concerns me is this: What if this strategy actually works for Obama? What if he wins reelection by running a far-left, culture wars, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage campaign and making no real effort at all to appeal to the center? What does that say about our country? What does that say about the direction of our politics in the future? I want to believe that Obama's strategy is a losing one, but I can't deny the evidence that a large percentage of the American public seems to eat this stuff up. If Obama isn't decisively defeated, I fear this will become the new norm for Democratic Party politics. Maybe for American politics.